Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pesky squirrel

I have created a little hide-a-way in the back yard where I can watch the birds at the bird feeder and have quiet time.
It has been invaded by a squirrel. It is cute, but it can jump from the tree, land on the bird feeder hang by its back legs and reach inside the bars and take the seed and prodedes to eat upside down. Amazing!
I left the tool shed door open and came back to find the little dickens standing on the bird feed container chewing a hole in the lid. Ungrateful brat!!
Next I can`t find my cup of tea. It has a snap on lid and I use a straw. I search around and find the straw on the ground and the cup on a smaller table under the big table. It is turned over and empty. Not even a stain where it would have spilled. It had been full. Next time I will invite a squirrel to tea!!