Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Trust Me Ma!!

There will be a missing special person among us at our yearly celebration. Missing physically that is but she is always there in all of our hearts. I always left the the box of Christmas wrap out just in case. She always promised to be on time. Trust me Ma, I`ll be there. And she was rushing in with all of her gifts at the very last minute. Can I wrap these real quick? Just take me a minute , trust me Ma. It`s been 13 years since she was taken from us. But I still see her and hear her in my minds eye and heart coming in with all the others. Trust me Ma, I`m here.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Creative One arrived unexpectedly to help with more Christmas festivities. She wrapped all my Christmas presents. ( think she likes to know what everyone is getting) She does them with thought and creativity. She also deep cleaned the kitchen. Took her 5 hours. While I was watching the now 1 year old baby who is such a joy. He makes us laugh with his antics and into everything personality. A very joyfilled day and then to top it off an e-mail from the 8 year old granddaughter. Imagine an e-mail!! My cup runneth over.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What was I Thinking?

"Creative One " (that will be the adult granddaughter ) came on Sunday to decorate out house for Christmas. She is opening boxes and says "Granny why are there names on some of these boxes? " Karen is on the cookie serving dish, Casey on the ferris wheel, Bernie on the carasel, you get the picture.
I didn`t have an answer because I couldn`t remember. It was my handwriting so I must have done it. As the day progressed in laughter and real creativity, ( she dressed herself up in garland and Christmas lights) I suddenly remembered. I had had a heart malfunction in November that was scary to me. So when I was putting away the Christmas stuff that year I was thinking maybe I won`t be here next year so I decided to designate the nicest of the Christmas "stuff " to new owners. Isn`t that a riot? Well, it was a good thought at the time Now it seems kind of silly since I am still here.

Friday, December 5, 2008

crabby old lady

My favorite CD is skipping this morning. Why do we have to have CD`s anyway ? I have cassette tapes I have had for 30 years that play just fine. My CD`s never last more than a year and they cost a whole lot more. I don`t have the technology smarts to figure it out. My kids say clean the CD player. Hello? How do you do that? And my vidio cassettes last forever and never break or wear out. The DVD`s on the other hand sometimes work and sometimes won`t even start. I know it`s the operator of the machine and not the DVD and that makes me crabby!!! I have a lot to plan and firgure out today and I like to do it with soft soothing music in the background not that bumbbumbbumbbumbbb. Pisses me off.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bump In The Road

Looks like Dr. week coming up. Gentle Ben to start on Insulin. We go for teaching today. An appt for me with a shrink and one with the dentist. A filling fell out last week. Makes the calandar look interesting . The crazy lady goes to old people exercise class everyday , takes care of a year old baby once a week, goes to journey group once a week to contemplate our life journey, work 15 hours a week, run errands for friends that are physically challenged , meet with prayer partners once a week, try to learn how to operate the computer. Now the printer doesn`t print and I know it`s not the printer. I`m worried about the shrink. I don`t want to appear nuts so I`m trying to print out how "normal" I am. It isn`t working.