Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What was I Thinking?

"Creative One " (that will be the adult granddaughter ) came on Sunday to decorate out house for Christmas. She is opening boxes and says "Granny why are there names on some of these boxes? " Karen is on the cookie serving dish, Casey on the ferris wheel, Bernie on the carasel, you get the picture.
I didn`t have an answer because I couldn`t remember. It was my handwriting so I must have done it. As the day progressed in laughter and real creativity, ( she dressed herself up in garland and Christmas lights) I suddenly remembered. I had had a heart malfunction in November that was scary to me. So when I was putting away the Christmas stuff that year I was thinking maybe I won`t be here next year so I decided to designate the nicest of the Christmas "stuff " to new owners. Isn`t that a riot? Well, it was a good thought at the time Now it seems kind of silly since I am still here.

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Anonymous said...

HA! I guess I'll be taking that cookie plate home with me this year then.... (BTW, see if Bernie and Terri want to come to Kai's show Thursday night.)