Sunday, February 27, 2011

What`s happnin`

Very busy week just passed. Learned new things. like the meaning of metanoia. It is a spiritual transition. Also found a new author to me in church this morning. Kristain Neff. Just wrote a book called Self-Compasion. It will be out in April. I looked it up on Google. She covers a lot of territory I am interested in for a lot of reasons. She has an austic child, she is knowledgeable in inner work on compassion for self and others, she practices Budism and teaches mindfulness and she is so young. Well, young to me that is.

I met a woman at work who was so inspirational. She was ill and in a lot of pain but always had a smile and a kind word for whoever came into her room. Other patients would go into her room to visit with her. She said her purpose is to bring the joy of the love of God to all who came into her path. She was a joy. I went to work yesterday and noticed her name gone from her door. I thought she had gone home. She had gone suddenly home to heaven. I felt sad at first then remembering her smile and joy all the time I was happy for her quick trip to heaven.

Went to the wedding of the Little Guys` dad. It was so fun. Little Guy is now 3 years old and cute as the dickens. He wanted me to take a picture of his shiny shoes. Glad his daddy is now a happy guy with a beartiful loving young woman at his side. Life is good

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I Feel Like Blogging again

I haven`t blogged for over a year. I`ve been on facebook and have decided that is ok but not as good as blogging. I like to read what the kids are doing but can`t think of anything to write in such a small space. I think it may be a generation gap.
I once again have an updated computer. The old one went out and this time I got a refurbished one that is like brand new. It is a Windows 7. I have been on line learning how to use some of the features and found my old blogger address and blogs. I love having lapses in memory and then finding them again. It is so cool. Life is good.

Life is good. Creative One turned 25 yesterday. A grown young lady with a good job as a Vet Tech, We are proud of her.

I have retired from floor duty nursing and fell into a perfect job after a 30 year career on my feet to sitting on my butt. Woah!! What a concept. But the Butt sitting is not all bad at this leg of the journey. Part of the sitting involves being with the patients in an interview type of setting with all the time in the world to spend with them being able to really listen and not being pulled away with pressing other duties. How did I get so lucky?

Juan In A Million is now tied to a dialysis machine l5 hours a week. As is his usual manner he is accepting it and doing fine. Feels ok has more energy than before and looks good. Has made new friends in the dialysis setting. Is friendly and kind to staff and other patients. He is an asset to the center.

Until next time.