Saturday, July 25, 2015

Where Did The Time Go?

Haven`t written a blog for over four years. Has anything changed? Let me see. Our address is the same. We are now starting into our 78th year. Me next week and John on Aug. 15th.
There  have been changes in health. John started on dialysis and had a heart valve replacement in Feb 20l4. Is doing well. Gets around in a scooter and uses a walker. Says he feels better that he has in years.
I retired in January . Love it. I loved work and love not working just as much.  There is so much to  do  .I don`t know how I found time to work.
I haven`t decided on a blog subject so will stop now.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Finally figured out how to get back to my blog. Thank you Kati. Haven`t posted since 2011. John and I have both been through some health issues and have come out on top once again. Ready for the next chapter.  Hummmm what shall it be? I just know life is good and there are more positive than negative to focus on.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

What`s happnin`

Very busy week just passed. Learned new things. like the meaning of metanoia. It is a spiritual transition. Also found a new author to me in church this morning. Kristain Neff. Just wrote a book called Self-Compasion. It will be out in April. I looked it up on Google. She covers a lot of territory I am interested in for a lot of reasons. She has an austic child, she is knowledgeable in inner work on compassion for self and others, she practices Budism and teaches mindfulness and she is so young. Well, young to me that is.

I met a woman at work who was so inspirational. She was ill and in a lot of pain but always had a smile and a kind word for whoever came into her room. Other patients would go into her room to visit with her. She said her purpose is to bring the joy of the love of God to all who came into her path. She was a joy. I went to work yesterday and noticed her name gone from her door. I thought she had gone home. She had gone suddenly home to heaven. I felt sad at first then remembering her smile and joy all the time I was happy for her quick trip to heaven.

Went to the wedding of the Little Guys` dad. It was so fun. Little Guy is now 3 years old and cute as the dickens. He wanted me to take a picture of his shiny shoes. Glad his daddy is now a happy guy with a beartiful loving young woman at his side. Life is good

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I Feel Like Blogging again

I haven`t blogged for over a year. I`ve been on facebook and have decided that is ok but not as good as blogging. I like to read what the kids are doing but can`t think of anything to write in such a small space. I think it may be a generation gap.
I once again have an updated computer. The old one went out and this time I got a refurbished one that is like brand new. It is a Windows 7. I have been on line learning how to use some of the features and found my old blogger address and blogs. I love having lapses in memory and then finding them again. It is so cool. Life is good.

Life is good. Creative One turned 25 yesterday. A grown young lady with a good job as a Vet Tech, We are proud of her.

I have retired from floor duty nursing and fell into a perfect job after a 30 year career on my feet to sitting on my butt. Woah!! What a concept. But the Butt sitting is not all bad at this leg of the journey. Part of the sitting involves being with the patients in an interview type of setting with all the time in the world to spend with them being able to really listen and not being pulled away with pressing other duties. How did I get so lucky?

Juan In A Million is now tied to a dialysis machine l5 hours a week. As is his usual manner he is accepting it and doing fine. Feels ok has more energy than before and looks good. Has made new friends in the dialysis setting. Is friendly and kind to staff and other patients. He is an asset to the center.

Until next time.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pesky squirrel

I have created a little hide-a-way in the back yard where I can watch the birds at the bird feeder and have quiet time.
It has been invaded by a squirrel. It is cute, but it can jump from the tree, land on the bird feeder hang by its back legs and reach inside the bars and take the seed and prodedes to eat upside down. Amazing!
I left the tool shed door open and came back to find the little dickens standing on the bird feed container chewing a hole in the lid. Ungrateful brat!!
Next I can`t find my cup of tea. It has a snap on lid and I use a straw. I search around and find the straw on the ground and the cup on a smaller table under the big table. It is turned over and empty. Not even a stain where it would have spilled. It had been full. Next time I will invite a squirrel to tea!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Where`s Church?

This morning a strange thing happened on the way to getting ready for church. I was almost dressed in the Sunday ritual when a force outside myself removed those cloths and put on comfortable everydays and a pair of sneakers. This same force placed some reading and writing material in a bag and poured a cup of green tea to go .
I am driving down the street and ask "Ok, where are we going?" No answer so I continue on . A visual comes to mind of a park called Majestic View not far away so that becomes the distination.
It is truly a majestic view of the front range and far enough out to be secluded in the middle of suburbia. I soak up the view, the cool breeze, and sounds of nature.
I open one of the books and read "The closest relationship one has is with oneself We always will have ourselves with us. Do we enjoy the relationship? " Hummmm that is food for thought and apprapo for the occasion. .
Next I read " I revealed Myself to you as the Light of My Presence. I sang you a Love song, whose beginning and end are veiled in eternity. I infused meaning into your mind and harmony intao your heart. Join Me in singing My song.
The third reading from the three I read daily is called "Living is Worthwhile" There is a power greater than we are. There is a love that casts out fear. There is a faith which overcomes all obstructions. The Spirit gently leads me, wisely counsels me. I kow that the love which envelops everything flows through me to everyone, and with it goes a confidence, a sense of joy and of peace, as well as a buoyant enthusiasm and zest for life. There comes back to me today everythig that makes life worthwhile.
I looked out at the expanse of beauty and pondered these words . It was so peaceful and comforting. During meditation I had a feeling of being given strength to cope with the path coming up before us, no matter what happens. Maybe that is why I ended up in this place this morning.
There were fun people passing me by as I sat on that bench enjoying life. All had a good word. I was honoed with the licks and tail wagging of happy dogs. Serious runners gave a wave. I like to think they enjoyed seeing an elderly lady praying in the park early on a Sunday mornig.
Where is church?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Rude awakening!!/Inspired solution

Spring sprung. I jumped out of bed threw on my garden cloths ran outside to take inventory of what needed done first. It was not a pretty sight. A very dry winter had left the grass brown and dead looking, trash had blown in under bushes and plastic bags were cought in trees blowing with the wind . Dismal. Discouraging. I picked up the rake and started mucking out from under the bushes. After about 30 minutes my body was in distress. Every muscle aching, joints painful, my legs felt like they were not capable of getting me anywhere. I drug the rake that had now turned into a heavy burden back to the shed and trudged back into the house. What`s going on? I went to exercise class four days a week all winter to keep myself in shape. This is very depressing. So much for spring. I`m bummed.
Well, this will never do. There is a solution to every problem under the sun. I divided the yard into sections in my mind and then into priorities. Each day I chose a section to work on and only thought about that, purchased what ever was needed for just that one goal. I have two raised garden areas and I did them one at a time. One is for seeds and one is for bedding plants. I did the seed one first. First day I just got the soil ready. Took plenty of breaks, stopped and watched the birds and squirrels doing what they do, lay down on the grass and soaked up some rays . So it took longer but I have never enjoyed doing it so much as I have this year. Age is a wonderful thing. It has taken a month to get all the veggies and flowers where they belong. And then there is Creative One, when she has time between classes, has come over and added her speacial touch to the flower beds and keeps the back yard mowed.
Ah, Spring has sprung and it is wonderful!!!!