Sunday, June 7, 2009

Rude awakening!!/Inspired solution

Spring sprung. I jumped out of bed threw on my garden cloths ran outside to take inventory of what needed done first. It was not a pretty sight. A very dry winter had left the grass brown and dead looking, trash had blown in under bushes and plastic bags were cought in trees blowing with the wind . Dismal. Discouraging. I picked up the rake and started mucking out from under the bushes. After about 30 minutes my body was in distress. Every muscle aching, joints painful, my legs felt like they were not capable of getting me anywhere. I drug the rake that had now turned into a heavy burden back to the shed and trudged back into the house. What`s going on? I went to exercise class four days a week all winter to keep myself in shape. This is very depressing. So much for spring. I`m bummed.
Well, this will never do. There is a solution to every problem under the sun. I divided the yard into sections in my mind and then into priorities. Each day I chose a section to work on and only thought about that, purchased what ever was needed for just that one goal. I have two raised garden areas and I did them one at a time. One is for seeds and one is for bedding plants. I did the seed one first. First day I just got the soil ready. Took plenty of breaks, stopped and watched the birds and squirrels doing what they do, lay down on the grass and soaked up some rays . So it took longer but I have never enjoyed doing it so much as I have this year. Age is a wonderful thing. It has taken a month to get all the veggies and flowers where they belong. And then there is Creative One, when she has time between classes, has come over and added her speacial touch to the flower beds and keeps the back yard mowed.
Ah, Spring has sprung and it is wonderful!!!!

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