Saturday, January 24, 2009

Back in business

It turns out my computer really was sick. It needed a total reformat, an anti-virus which I had neglected to keep current which led to a virus when Creative One accessed her face book. Also needed a new fan and a new cd burner. It wasn`t reading discs.
We found a fellow who comes to the house, picks it up and returns it and puts it all back together. He picked it up yesterday and returned it at 0900 this am. It is like a new computer.We will hope all works well.
I hope Granny`s computer saga is over.

Friday, January 23, 2009


How busy is to busy? I love my life. Since the last post I have gone to one Journey group meeting, two work meetings, attended 3 computer classes, four yoga classes, went out to breakfast 3 times and out to lunch twice,. Baby sat the boy two times, took my handicapped friend grocery shopping twice and out to Rock Creek Clinic three times for treatments which also required an hour class before each treatment as it is in the experimental stages. In my spare time I worked 24 hours at my part time job. Also tried a couple of new recipes that could be slow cooked or in the oven and served anytime.
Some of the lunches and breakfasts included rekindling old friendships that is really so much fun and a chance to learn new things I didn`t know existed . It`s great!! Also found some time to squeeze in some study time on the Brain Plan for 2009. Fascinating. I never thougut I would be able to read and understand anything on Atheism. The Power of now I do only a couple of paragraphs at a time. And the God Code, well, that is quantum physics and takes a lot of thought
On Tues, the 20th I was dressed had my shoes on , heading out the door for a 7:30 meeting followed by a class, but I could not tear my eyes away from the Inaugration. Could not. I made two phone calls cuddled up in my blankie and cup and tea and watched history taking place until I absolutely had to go to work at 1:00 pm. Ah, what a day. Loved every minute of it.
Took the computer classes again in hopes of being able to fingure out my e-mail problem yet again. It did`nt work. The instructor came home with me yesterday to see for her self that it couldn`t be accessed. Well it can`t. It isn`t me, quest or the internet. It is the computer itself. It has to be taken in for a checkup. Bull Crap!!!!!! So, Granny and the computer saga rages on.
Somewhere in the midst of all this I had that sore throat, earache, cough thingy that really made me mad. I tanked up on echenecea, vit c, nyquil, tylenol, cough drops , correcedine for day time and forged ahead. I won.
Well, time to head off the Yoga class. TaTa

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Grandpas Harmonica

I sent Grandpa`s harmonica to Itchiban Son yesterday. I thought he already had it and I think he did too. Well, I found it in a drawer and it is on its way to him as we speak. BTW his father was stationed in Hokido, Japan the year before he was born and learned a few words of the Japanese Language. He frequently referred to him as our Itchiban Son. ( Number one son)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gentle Ben hanging in there

Dr. Appt with the Nephrologist went well. Lab numbers are all elevated but can tweak the meds a little to try and lower them. He is still a ways out from dialysis. Lost 3 lbs. which is good as he had gained last time. The fistula will still need another procedure but not for a couple of months.
While in the waiting room received a call from Heart Son to wish us happy 25th anniversary!!! Hello!! I was so into worrying about this Dr. visit, since I got the lab results off the computer, I spaced it. So glad he called to remind us. So we went to lunch at Applebees. We have had good years. Lucky us.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Brain food for 2009

Have settled on a plan.

1. Read Philosophers without Gods. Meditatins on Atheism and the Secular Life. Edited by Louise M. Antony. The reason I chose this subject is related to the youngest son. I call him" my teacher." I have had to learn things I never thought I would and have never regreted any of it. When he told me he was gay, he at the same time, provided me with literature, phone numbers for a support group to contact and he also had his bag packed in case the wind blew the other way. Well I went to meetings and read more than I ever wanted to and educated myself. From a homophobic hateful person I became an educated accepting parent in love with my precious gift. My son. Now he is talkibng atheism. Ok I will learn about that. I started it over the weekend and am finding it ever so interesting. I have changed my own views over the years also and I choose to accept a higher power, but I am open to other views. I look forward to conversations with "my teacher" on the subject.
2. Study the Power of Now, by Echart Tolle. He was chosen as the Spiritual Here of the year by the Church of Religious Science to which I subscribe at this time in my life. I started it a couple of years ago and put it aside. He published another book this last year, A New Earth Awakening To Your Life`s Purpose. Operah jumped on it and it was a big buzz on the internet and the church I go to also did and offered a 6 week workshop. Well that all went way to fast for me so I pulled out the first book and it is more to my liking. So that`s the plan with Tolle. I will make it a study for the year. A slow ruminating read.
3. A friend gave me a daily reading book for Christmas. " Jesus Calling," by Sarah Young. I wouldn`t ordinalrily find this title interesting, but I read her bio and she is not a Bible thumping fundamentalist. She is a tea s cher and has traveled a similar spiritual road as I have. Anyway that led to my purchase of a new LARGE PRINT Bible with my gift certificate from Barnes and Noble. So I will also dabble in that for a while. I haven`t done Bible for several years.
4, Will continue with the daily readings from the Science of Mine Magazine with daily meditations and very interesting articles on New Thought, Old Wisdom.
5. And the one I like the most of all. Quantum Physics. Einstein said Imagination is more important than Knowledge, It is a preview of coming attractions. I love it. I have read books by Greg Braden and Joe Dispenza to name two . I have heard them both lecture. Dispenza was featured in What the Bleep and The Secret. Greg Braden`s God Code is the current book I`m reading. Dr. Dispenza has a new book out about the Brain and Computers. It is fascinating. So much to learn, so little time.

That`s the plan and I`m sticking to it.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Plans for 2009

Finally got it together. The Plan. Guidlines: Things I want to accomplish.
1. Keep closer contact with family and friends via phone calls, cards and snail mail. Grandson likes the snail mail when he remembers to check his mail box.
2. Be a beneficial presence in my daily rounds out in the community , at work and at home.
That means be nice.
3. Continue my committament to exercise with Silver Sneakers 4 days a week. It`s good for
my ego. I am in better shape that most of those other guys. ( except for that skinny chick with the dyed black hair and super personality)
4. Contac Bonna Sue and follow up with a few practitioner sessions. I finished my sessions with the shrink. They were beneficial and I can call anytime for follow up. She was a really good therapist. She pointed out that I have a good support system and already do a lot of self help tools to keep my self grounded and out of the nut house. Bonna Sue is a Practioner from church that was there when the trauma happened and knows stuff. I am now in remission and would like to stay that way.
5. Schedule a one on one tuturing session with Janice Calm , The computer teacher at the Senior Center. She does home visits. I need help. I have taken her classes twice and still don`t get it all. ( I love her name)
6. And of course get rid of the 20 ( well, ok, 30) extra pounds that have found their way back to the tummy and butt. Skinny sister has as her resolution to become obese. She is the 100 lb. wonder. She eats snicker bars daily and drinks half and half. Her Dr. told her she wouldn`t have ended up in the hospital with the flu if she had more meat on her. We are trying to figure out how to make a trade.
Well, that`s it for the Plan. I`m still working on my study guide that I do every year. It will be forthcoming.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

End Of An Era

I was in the midst of writing plans for my life for 2009 when the phone rang. It was my good friend, Marianne. One of the Magnificent 7. She needed my help to pack for their impending move. I walked into a sea of upheaval which always happens when one moves. As I was packing up the China Closet I packed so many memories of days gone by. This was the party house of the days of babies, children, car pools, pot lucks. birthdays and best of all the annual St. Patricks Day party. The adult children were all on hand orchestrating all the activities. Marianne is on oxygen and her stamina is limited and Chuck has diabetes and has had some mild strokes making his memory a little clouded. He was looking out the window as their beds were being loaded onto the truck. He says " Oh, I guess we won`t be sleeping here anymore." My dear friend Chuck, one of the funniest people I have ever known. He always kept everyone laughing. Chuck of the Air Force Flying Core during the Koean War. Chuck of the Control Tower at Stapelton airport, Chuck the volunteer Holy trinity school bus driver.
It is time to move into a smaller place with less upkeep etc, etc, etc. I was desperately holding back the tears. Its ironic, while making plans for your life, life happens.