Sunday, January 4, 2009

Plans for 2009

Finally got it together. The Plan. Guidlines: Things I want to accomplish.
1. Keep closer contact with family and friends via phone calls, cards and snail mail. Grandson likes the snail mail when he remembers to check his mail box.
2. Be a beneficial presence in my daily rounds out in the community , at work and at home.
That means be nice.
3. Continue my committament to exercise with Silver Sneakers 4 days a week. It`s good for
my ego. I am in better shape that most of those other guys. ( except for that skinny chick with the dyed black hair and super personality)
4. Contac Bonna Sue and follow up with a few practitioner sessions. I finished my sessions with the shrink. They were beneficial and I can call anytime for follow up. She was a really good therapist. She pointed out that I have a good support system and already do a lot of self help tools to keep my self grounded and out of the nut house. Bonna Sue is a Practioner from church that was there when the trauma happened and knows stuff. I am now in remission and would like to stay that way.
5. Schedule a one on one tuturing session with Janice Calm , The computer teacher at the Senior Center. She does home visits. I need help. I have taken her classes twice and still don`t get it all. ( I love her name)
6. And of course get rid of the 20 ( well, ok, 30) extra pounds that have found their way back to the tummy and butt. Skinny sister has as her resolution to become obese. She is the 100 lb. wonder. She eats snicker bars daily and drinks half and half. Her Dr. told her she wouldn`t have ended up in the hospital with the flu if she had more meat on her. We are trying to figure out how to make a trade.
Well, that`s it for the Plan. I`m still working on my study guide that I do every year. It will be forthcoming.

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