Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gentle Ben hanging in there

Dr. Appt with the Nephrologist went well. Lab numbers are all elevated but can tweak the meds a little to try and lower them. He is still a ways out from dialysis. Lost 3 lbs. which is good as he had gained last time. The fistula will still need another procedure but not for a couple of months.
While in the waiting room received a call from Heart Son to wish us happy 25th anniversary!!! Hello!! I was so into worrying about this Dr. visit, since I got the lab results off the computer, I spaced it. So glad he called to remind us. So we went to lunch at Applebees. We have had good years. Lucky us.

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Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary, Francie. I had no idea since your other son didn't tell me. (BTW, what's your nickname for the other son in question?)