Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bump In The Road

Looks like Dr. week coming up. Gentle Ben to start on Insulin. We go for teaching today. An appt for me with a shrink and one with the dentist. A filling fell out last week. Makes the calandar look interesting . The crazy lady goes to old people exercise class everyday , takes care of a year old baby once a week, goes to journey group once a week to contemplate our life journey, work 15 hours a week, run errands for friends that are physically challenged , meet with prayer partners once a week, try to learn how to operate the computer. Now the printer doesn`t print and I know it`s not the printer. I`m worried about the shrink. I don`t want to appear nuts so I`m trying to print out how "normal" I am. It isn`t working.

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Anonymous said...

How is Gentle Ben doing with the insulin situation? Also, hope you talk to the shrink about that guilt situation we talked about a couple weeks ago...:)

I am incredibly stressed right now. I've got a deadline tomorrow on an article for the News and my house is a disaster area and my mother is driving me nuts. Maybe I should go to the shrink too...