Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday Continued

I forgot a couple of items. First I wore my uniform pants with the many pockets so I wouldn`t have to take a purse. Put my credit card and drivers licsence in one pocket and my phone in another, car keys in another. Donned a short sleeved blouse ( I get really hot shopping) even though it is 28 degrees outside. I look pretty funny but it is 6:00 a.m /and who cares?
While on my second trip in, a lady asked if I worked there . I told her no but I think she didn`t hear me because she started asking questions about what size pajamas she should get for her friend that is living with them because he lost his job. He is short but pretty big around the middle so do I think she should get a xxl for him. I look at it for her and decide for her that she should probably get the xl. She thanks me and goes to the housecoats that says one size fits all and wants to know if I think that will go around him. It is open so she asks me to put it around me so I do and it goes around comfortably. She looks at it and says "no, his stomach is much bigger than yours." It won`t fit him. So I till her I`m sorry it won`t fit and hope she finds one that does as I am slowly backing away to make my escape.

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