Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Magnificent Seven

I have a group of 7 friends who have laughed and cried together for 40 some years. Our kids named us the OOC`s ( out of controls) some years ago. However as the years have past we recently renamed ourselves the Magnificnt Seven. We have all cooked out of the Colorado Cache cookbook over the years . We had a luncheon the other day and each brought a favorite dish from the cookbook. It was so fun. We brought our books with us. They were in all versions of the original, from not to bad to very very well used. Mine was the dirtiest. I never thought about washing a book. We went through the books together and added notes from each other and tips and how we have made changes to suit ourselves. For instance, I add 6 eggs instead of 5 to the Chilli Rejeno Caserole and I layer the chillies and cheese instead of stuff them. Now our books are an exclusive Magnificent Seven Version which I think should be published as the new and improved version.

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Anonymous said...

Very cute!