Saturday, November 15, 2008

How does this sound?

We have a new president elect that is making amazing history in our nation. The campain was long and gurelling for all concerned. We know that both contenders are well accepted by the popular votes both received. So, why can`t we utilize both of them? Let Obama and Michelle handle the ecconomic issues, health care and educatation. Let McCain handle the war and peace issue and other foriegn affairs. He could choose his own cabinet. Let Hillary be seceretary of state and Bill be secretary of the treasurey ( We were in the black when he left office and he is a Rhoads Scholar after all.) We just need to keep him focused on the task at hand. Bidden can be the peace keeper in the White House making sure all parties are following the rules and offering his imput to both as he respects both men a great deal . Oh, and let`s have Sara be the cheerleader for all the issues! Mrs. Mccain seems to do well with Real Estate. I don`t know if there is a title for that or not.
Oh, an afterthought, there is still only one Vice President and that would be Joe of course.

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Anonymous said...

As long as Sarah Palin has no access to guns, I'm OK with that plan. BTW, don't you think Joe Biden is quiet the handsome dude? Those blue eyes are killer.... If not for the fact that he's married, he'd be quiet the catch among some of your OOC friends.