Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friaday

Why is it called that I wonder? Ka-ching ka-ching Friday would be more appropriate. Oh well that`s neither here nor there. I did it. I got up in the dark and went Christmas Shopping and 6 a.m. I haven`t done that since the early 1970`s when I went to redeem my green stamps on that day and got into a terrible traffic jam and didn`t get what I went for. I said "never again in my lifetime will I do that."
I have been suspecting short term memory loss but now it seems I have a touch of long term memory loss as well. It was an adventure. I got what I went for first thing. It was very heavy
so they graciously offered to get someone to help me get it to the car. I waited not to long a time when a lady came to do the deed. But I was concerned because she didn`t look any more capapable of carrying it that I am But then she sent for a flat cart thing so that was ok. On the way to the elevator somene threw up in the asile. She is a manager as it turned out and had to take care of this inconveince. She goes gagging off to find help. Finnaly she returns and we continue to the elevator where a little kid had broken a glass bottle full of something in the entrance to the elevator. She`s off again. We at last get to the parking lot which is packed and I have to go get my car and lose my spot. It is quite a hike. The item is safely stowed in the car and I take off to find another parking place . My common sense says leave, you have what you came for but, the shopping frenzy is contagious and I am suddenly on a mission. A parking place opened up in front of the door so I took it.
Back into the land of dreams and everything you ever wanted right at your finger tips and on Sale!!!! I floated through the store in a shopping coma checking out when my arms got full and tired and took those items to the car since is was now so close. I did that three times when finaly the legs gave out the the breathing became short and labored and the stomach began growling and the thirst became a real need to quinch. At this time my sister calls on my cell phone. I tell her where I am and what I am doing. . She says " get your ass out of there and get home. Don`t you know it is dangerous to go out in these mad crowds . I just saw on the news that in Florida a Wal-Mart employee was trampled and killed, two pregnant women had miscarraiges and three people were sent to the hospotal when they opened their doors. Now I am next in line to check out so I do and take the last bag out to the car and colapse inside. There are cars honking at me to get out of there so they can fight over my spot.
This time I mean it. NEVER AGAIN IN THIS LIFETIME!!!!!!

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