Friday, November 21, 2008

Whoa!! Pink Towels

Linen`s `N Things are going out of business in our neck of the woods. All sales final. I was cruising through looking for some towels with a pattern for a change. Found some with a argyle type pattern in different shades of pink with some green that miight match the green on the walls in the bathroom. Get home and throw them into the washer > When I went to fold them discovered the handtowels and the washchoths do not match the bathtowel!!! And when fully unfolded the main color is hot pink. The colors are all the same but the handtowels and the wash cloths have stripes down the middle. Hang them up and wait for my husband (Gentle Ben) to make a comment. Nothing . Ok we can live with the odd combination.
Fast forward two weeks. Go back to Linen`s just to see if the towels are still there. Yes they are. Ok, I will now get the handtowels and washcloths to match the bathtowels . But now maybe I should get the bathtowels to match the ones at home . So I buy another unmatched set
Hang up yet another set of very hot pink towels in a green bathroom with beige carpets and shower curtain. It is really garish!!. Wait again for a comment from Gentle Ben. Nothing.
Granddaughter comes over to do her weekly help out Granny chores I hear this loud shriek coming from the bathroom ,Whoa!!! What`s with all the pink!!!!
I don`t know what`s with the pink. Now Gentle Ben speaks "I was wondering about that myself."

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This I have to see for myself...