Thursday, November 13, 2008

Leaves and granddaughters

It`s fall. One of my favorite times of the year. My precious 8 y.0. granddaughter was over a few days ago and she wanted to rake up the leaves so we could jump in them. She was vigorously raking and noticed I was not keeping up. "I could use some help here Grany" she quipped.
We had our pile all pumped up for the big jump. So much fun!!!! So much joy laying in the leaves looking into her beautiful joyful face. It doen`t get any better. My jumping is more like laying down gently but that doesn`t matter to her. Ah, the joy of grandmotherhood.
Fast forward a few more days and the 22 y.o. precious granddaughter comes over and begins the chore of cleaning up the leaves and helping me put the yard to bed. She has the leaves all raked up into piles and we begin putting them into bags and I hear her say " Granny, don`t be doing that now, you might hurt your back." So I go get the camera and get a picture of her sitting in a pile to add to all the pictures I have of her doing just that since she could walk.
I sit on the patio watching her lovliness and reflect on the blessings of grandchildren and all the memories that keep me company . Life is good.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, look, I found your blog. Now you're in trouble. I'll be nagging you about blogging constantly...