Saturday, November 8, 2008


I had a tooth attack not long ago. It was sooo sore and ouchy. I called the dentist and got started on antibotic. I babysit for a little 9 mo old baby one day a week. He was also having a tooth attack at the same time. His was of a different ilk. He was grabbing everything in sight and madly chewing chewing like a mad dog.
I went to the dentist and was finally put out of my misery, however I came out of the ordeal minus a tooth. The babe returned for his weekly loving, sporting yes, a brand new shiney tooth. As he lay in my lap happily drinking his bottle , nonchalantly swinging his foot and touching my face with his pudgy little hand, we had a wordless communication. Looking deep into each others eyes we recognized the dichotomy of the tooth exchange .

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