Saturday, March 21, 2009

real students

I am honored with the opportunity to assist a friend of mine who runs a school to certify nursing assisstants. The students come from all walks of life. Some are mothers of children with special needs. With the CNA license they can get some pay to take care of their children at home and not put them in an institution. Some are young folks just out of high school not sure what they want to do with the rest of their lives. Some are from another land looking for opportunities not available to them in their own country. Some are being re-trained after living through some hard knocks in their lives. Some are nurses in training getting the requred CNA license before they can graduate from nursing school. There are some who have retired from their lifes work and are looking for a new way to be of service to their community. I look forward to the times I am called upon to help out with observing them in learning the skills they need to perfect in order to pass their State Boards. I so much enjoy getting to know them and hear their stories. It is a learning experience for me.

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