Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Think I`ll Take a Nap

I have been studying on the year plan of reading I established at the new year. It has evolved into other reading which always happens

I read an essay on Aristotle`s Picture Of A Flourishing Human Life based on his work "Nichomachean Ethics".He was a pre-Christian philosopher who lived and taught in Athens in the fourth century bce. It was unrealistic even in the time he wrote it but it does have valid possibilities . The aim in part was to keep government in the hands of ordinary people and to prevent the formation of elite groups who would serve only in their own interests.

Then I read an article called "The Alchemy of a New Humanity." by Barbara Marx Hubbard . She shares a contagious conviction that the universe is coming alive, that we are in the midst of a quantum shift, and that we are collectively engaged in transforming the cosmos. The possibility we are approaching is what she calls conscious evolution, the awakening of the spiritual, social, and scientific potential of humanity, in harmony with nature for the highest good of all life.

These two readings got me to thinking. We obviously as a civilization did not go the route of an Aristotelian Life. We are now facing the concequences of a people run amuck in greed, ignorance of plundering the planet instead of using it as a friend. It can no longer heal itself, we have made it to ill. Our children have not had the top priority in health education and welfare. They are our future. We have not invested well in our greatest asset.

All is not lost however. We are at a point in our evolution as a species where we can turn the tide of evolution through Cosmogenesis. We are facing a New Crisis world wide in econimics .wars, global warming. That is not necessarily a bad thing. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. I feel there is more good going on then adversity even though we only are made aware of the adversity through the media. But we are at a point where we must evolve in working together to save ourselves and our planet or we will be disolved.

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