Thursday, April 23, 2009

Before I forget

The antics of the "The Little Guy" this past Monday. First of all he has this obsesion with the phone. When it rings he runs all over looking for it. I answer it and put it back up high so he can`t reach it. He looks at me, puts his hand on his hip., and the pouty lip comes out like "how dare you?" ( He is l6 months old.) Next he discovers that he can throw anything over the kid barrier to the downstairs and listen to it bounce all the way down. Really fun for granny to retrieve said objects He is very leary of the cat. Walks way around her in a circle and she of course honors him with her most vicious hisssss which throws him into a heart wrenching wail . Well this time he hissed back at her and she ran. Such satisfaction on his little face. He learnead how to put the legos together after weeks of trying. He learned how to push the button on the Sesame Street toy to make Elmo come out and sing. He is a joy to us once a week. It takes the two of us to keep up with him. He has so much fun with PaPa`s walker, cane, reacher and automatic chair that goes up and down by pushing a button!! Life is good on both ends of the spectrum.

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