Thursday, April 30, 2009

Is this where I start falling apart?

Well the blood pressures is out of control. I decided to stop my med because it was causing an annoying cough. Did check with the Doc. but forgot to hold up my end of the deal by checking it daily for 2 weeks and let him know. When I remembered it was off the charts. Started on a new med. not working so far.
I quit taking my cholesterol Med because it was causing muscle weakness and cramping. Again. Doc knows. said to check it in 2 months which I just did and found it to be 379. Doc and pharacist in a huddle to see what`s next. Will start Zitia when it comes in.
Cardiologist called yesterday said they need to see me . They have an opening today at 1:10. Must have had a look at some labs or something
I already have an appointmemt at 11:15 with the ophthomologist because I can not see very well out of one of my eyes. So today is look at granny day. I feel fine . My eye is my #l concern.

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Anonymous said...

I'm thinking your nursing knowledge is doing more harm than good. Maybe you should just let the doctors and pharmacists do their jobs, and quit going off your meds...